What is Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet service?

Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet is fast, reliable, always-on, cable Internet service. The service includes lots of great features, like e-mail and web hosting, and with Chatmoss Cablevision high speed Internet you will experience the Internet at speeds you'll have to see to believe. Web pages load in a flash and files download within seconds. Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet is also affordable, with many different levels of service available to fit any budget and any need.

Why would I choose Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet over a competing service?

Speed, service, and support. Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet provides a super-fast connection to the Internet, world-class service and 24 / 7 / 365 technical support. By supporting local business, you will also contribute to the local economy and receive a more personalized service. Sign up with a national company and you'll soon realize that you're just an account number in their system.

What are the advantages of cable Internet compared to DSL?

Performance and reliability. Unlike cable modem service, the performance of DSL is location-based. Distance from the DSL provider's Central Office (CO) determines the level of speed a DSL customer will receive. The greater the distance, the greater the degradation of speed. Chatmoss Cablevision's High Speed Internet service delivers high performance levels no matter where a customer's home is located.

Value. Chatmoss Cablevision offers an always-on broadband connection with great features like multiple e-mail addresses (and access to WebMail to check e-mail while travelling), web space, news, and premium 24/7/365 technical support.

What do I need to set-up Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet service?

You will need to own a computer with a NIC or Ethernet card in it. Chatmoss Cablevision will provide you with all the other equipment required to set up your High Speed Internet connection (cable modem, cable outlet/wires, etc.). The minimum system requirements are as follows:

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems supported:
- Windows XP (Home & Professional)
- Windows Vista (All Versions)
- Windows 7 (All Versions)

10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)

Apple MacIntosh OS 10.1-10.2 :
- PowerPC processor with speed 120 MHz or higher
- 64MB RAM
- 10MB free hard drive space
- CD-ROM or DVD drive
- 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)

Can I use a laptop?

Yes, provided it meets the minimum configuration requirements.

Can I use other TCP/IP programs?

Any standard TCP/IP software will work with the Chatmoss Cablevision network, and appropriate configuration parameters will be made available.

What Web browsers does Chatmoss Cablevision support?

Chatmoss Cablevision currently supports almost all HTTP compliant web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.).

Does the Chatmoss Cablevision service include chat and newsgroup options?

Yes, the Chatmoss Cablevision service offers access to newsgroups (limited to no binaries) on the Internet. The connection does not include a chat service, but will provide you with access to any chat programs that you may have signed up for, such as MSN Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger.

Can I have multiple e-mail addresses with Chatmoss Cablevision?

Yes! All Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet accounts allow you to set up multiple e-mail addresses. After your initial account has been set up, just click on the "My Account" link in the "Tech Support" section of the local news portal page to set up additional e-mail addresses. If you are unsure how many e-mail addresses are included with your account, call Chatmoss Cablevision.

Can I access my Chatmoss Cablevision e-mail away from home?

Yes! Using WebMail, you can access your e-mail anywhere that Internet access is available.

Is Technical Support available for the Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet service?

Friendly, knowledgeable technical support representatives are available via toll-free phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Comprehensive online support is also available via the "Tech Support" link in the menu at the top of the local news portal page.

How secure is my Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet connection?

From a security perspective, cable modem networks are not very different from analog modem based dial-up networks. They connect customers to Internet Service Providers and the Internet using IP as their network protocol. However, cable modems are more attractive to hackers for the same reasons that make them more attractive to customers. The ease of connection and available bandwidth of these networks often results in customers staying online much longer, making them more vulnerable to hack attempts. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to improve the security of your connection, such as firewall software. It is strongly recommended that you install commercially available firewall and anti-virus software on your computer. To find out more about such products, check with your local computer retailer. Some firewall products are even available free of charge for personal use. More info can be found under the "Learn how to secure your system" link in the "Tech Support" section of the local news portal page.

Does Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet service include parental control features?

Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet service includes e-mail filtering for spam (unsolicited e-mail), which often contains objectionable content. However, Chatmoss Cablevision does not provide parental control features for web browsing or instant messaging. If you wish to block certain types of content for these web applications, you should visit your local computer software retailer to see what options are available.

How do TV reception problems affect Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet service?

If a TV reception problem is caused by cable signal interference, it may also affect Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet service. In these situations, a professional technician may have to be dispatched to your home to correct the problem. If the reception problem originates from the source of the broadcast, your Internet service will not be affected.

Will speed suffer as the Chatmoss Cablevision subscribership increases?

No. The Chatmoss Cablevision network is shared, but extra capacity is added as more subscribers sign up.


Can I watch TV and use Chatmoss Cablevision at the same time?

Yes! You can surf the web, watch TV, and talk on the phone simultaneously without interrupting any of these services.

If I don't subscribe to cable, can I still get your Internet service?

Please contact us for further information.

Will Chatmoss Cablevision install new cable in my neighbourhood?

Chatmoss Cablevision uses existing cable lines to provide the high speed Internet service.

I want Chatmoss Cablevision high speed Internet and I already have a cable outlet. Is it still necessary to install another line?

Often a new cable outlet is required, but this may differ from household to household. A technician will determine the needs for your specific situation.

How does the cable modem connect to my computer?

The cable modem is an external device that connects to your computer's 10-base T Ethernet port.

Can I use a splitter on my television cable?

One of the advantages of using Chatmoss Cablevision High Speed Internet service is that, in most cases, it uses the existing cable that is already in your home. This cable is capable of carrying both video signals and data signals at the same time. While it may appear that you only need to install a splitter on the existing cable, due to the potential of introducing "noise" or interference into the cable system, Chatmoss Cablevision may require the installation of a data outlet in a secondary location. A technician will determine the best solution for your situation.

How can I get cable from the TV in my living room to the PC in my bedroom?

Since both data and television signals travel on the same physical cable, you may require a cable splitter to provide multiple connections. To avoid the potential of introducing noise to the system, a cable technician may install a cable outlet or splitter in the second location.

If my cable is out, how will that affect my Internet service?

If your cable service isn't working, your cable Internet service will most likely be inaccessible as well. If the cable service is down, we will work diligently to restore both services, but if the problem persists after cable connectivity has been restored, please call Technical Support.